Monday, May 31, 2010

Delivery Day!

Our Boxer dog Clyde loves to play. The thought of him tearing into my apron package before me was scary.I had to come up with a plan. Look what I made just for my special deliveries.

A Wedding Gift

I made this apron for a young lady who is getting married June 4th. This is her first apron. I wanted a fun fabric and these frogs were perfect. I tucked a tag in the pocket with the meaning of Frog F=Fully, R=Rely, O=On, G=God!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Apron Swap!

This was my 1st of many apron swaps--
This is what I sent....

And this is what I received--Lucky Me!!!!
What is a Gumdrop You ask??
It is a beloved pet, born a dog, transformed to a Gumdrop!

I thought I was getting the upper hand when I brought 2 miniature poodles into our home without discussing it with my husband. He wouldn't even look at them for the longest, yet little by little they worked their way into his heart and now he refuses to call them--shhhhhhh--dogs. He insists they are Gumdrops from Heaven! Now they are old, stinky, have bad teeth, can't always control their bladder (I am talking about the dogs) and my husband just smiles. Isn't it funny how everything always comes back to bite you in the butt!